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It is difficult to bet on a printed medium these days. Without a doubt, one of the questions that we have received the most during these months is why we do not limit ourselves to digital content. In a world where everything is read on a screen, we want to return to the experience of picking up a book, feeling different textures while turning the pages and knowing the real weight of all the content we have generated. Being architects and designers, we give equal value to what we publish and how we publish it. We take the time to design a piece that deserves to be part of every bookcase, from the selection of materials to the design of its spine and its stitching. We think of a complete experience, how is it communicated through design?

Following the motto of spreading the emerging discourse and the voice of experience, we decided not to take a position that imposes or affirms, but to approach 16 different practices to share the world of which we were a part in each of these talks, generating empathy between the interviewees and the reader. Being witnesses rather than critics, we seek to diversify what is understood today by being an architect, showing the paths and the different methodologies that can be followed according to the tastes and abilities of each individual, that is why, more than celebrating results, we highlight processes. We want to be the platform that generates discussion and questioning for the opening of new approaches and perspectives on the practice, and thus be able to achieve new collaborations and expand the small circle that only the privileged enjoy.

Alberto Herrera, Alejandro Guardado, Ana Valentina Sánchez, Andrés Mier y Terán, Andrés Souto, Armando Quintana, Benjamín Caballero, Diego Rivero Borrell, Dinorah Martínez Schulte, Eduardo Ugalde, Ernesto Pérez Rea, Francisco Quiñones, José Ignacio Vargas, Margarita Flores, Marielsa Castro, Mauricio Ríos, Natalia Gálvez, Nathan Friedman, Pablo Germenos, Pablo Ruiz Buenrostro, Patricio Fernández, Pedro Assam, Regina Galvanduque, Ricardo de la Concha, Rodrigo Gamboa, Rodrigo Ruiz Buenrostro, Santiago Bonilla Hastings, Santiago García de Vinuesa.