"Learning from popular culture will not remove the architect from his status in high culture, but it can change it to make it more receptive and current problems." - Robert Venturi in the book Learning from Las Vegas.

Alejandro is currently the operational director of the CUAIK CDS office (CUAIK comprehensive design studio) created by Arch. Santiago Cuaik with whom he has collaborated since the beginning. For 8 years his work has been to improve the methodologies of the design and construction process, so that they are increasingly efficient and of excellent quality. His academic life does not stand out for good grades or for being an exemplary student, but for the opposite. As a student he was a bit rebellious, he questioned the teaching methods and he lived it in the direction. Situation for which he chose to leave the Anahuac University, to finish his degree at Westhill University. Yes, working at all times. Despite his resounding academic career, today Alejandro seeks to vindicate himself through study. Without losing that critical and rebellious attitude towards the method of teaching architecture and seeking to give credit to all those who participate in this process, not just the stars. In more personal aspects, he is passionate about motorcycles, riding them and fixing them, he firmly believes that quality in processes must govern motorcycle maintenance, architecture and all aspects of life. Regardless of a style, an aesthetic, or a process, whether on bikes or projects, quality is what brings you happiness.