Scale and context

Scale and context

An object, or what remains of it: a half post, a rock on a ridge whose function is no longer any. It catches my attention because of its shape, its color, its texture, its size, its location, but above all because of its potential, at least in the imagination.

I think of the force that an object has, a thing, according to the latter: size and location, scale and context.

What would happen if this same rock -so we are going to call it-, we placed it in a gallery? What happens if we take the same thing out of context, gain or lose strength, become something else, in this case, even a work of art?

What happens if we change its scale, if we make it bigger, much bigger and put it in the field, like a mineral trapped in the landscape? The object changes, it becomes geography.

What happens, now, if we put the missing post on this rock and give it back its function, its reason for being; where is it most needed, in the countryside, in the gallery or in the city, where does it belong?

Scale and Context - Gallery
Scale and Context - Pole
Scale and Context - PNG
Scale and Context - Original Photography