The power of symbols

The power of symbols

The myths enumerate the immeasurable and they do it in a symbolic and archetypal way, a story lived by others, but as palpable as their own, that articulates and expresses the primordial, the decisive, the most significant and essential of existence and the most existential of the essential of life. Stories that tell us about ourselves and at the same time do not explain the world.

The symbol is a sign that can be interpreted by another person, transmitting its meaning individually and redefining it over time depending on who interprets it, the symbolic art of architecture.

The human being has always aspired to show something more: the logic and greatness of his conceptions of the world, he deeply desires to "be", to participate in "reality" to saturate himself with power, forgetting that he lives in a dimension of places of relationship and transit, and that interrelation is the vital function of space, the internal link with the physical environment that surrounds it. Him clinging to position himself under a spotlight that inhibits his field of vision.

Architects are weavers of spaces that interrelate cognitive and humanistic perceptions, give meaning to the world around them through the interactions in which they participate, like a double-edged sword, they set out to redesign the world. The idea is still extravagant, I still insist, we must deconstruct ourselves to build.

Architecture physically shapes the human environment, erecting permanent pieces that seek to envelop us, and in some cases, isolate us.

"Being the most perfect emissary of power and ideology." - Silva-Herzog

Nothing beats longevity set in stone. As architects we can question ourselves on which side of the line our line is, since we have within reach of a few lines, the power to give identity, exalt or summon submission.

The world can be explained and reflected through images, photography mediates between the world and us. It allows us to understand and analyze the parts of a whole, being seen from different angles, you can portray the trunk or the roots of a tree and it will remain a tree.