Laguna is a collaborative space for on-site production that brings together leading entrepreneurs in design, architecture, urban planning, gastronomy and art; generating an ecosystem of constant exchange of ideas, creativity and collaboration.

Art Week en Laguna. 

By: Cortesía de Laguna

Photos: Enrique R. Aguilar

The profile of Laguna residents are Mexican entrepreneurs with high-quality, innovative products, with the desire to form a community, and create experiences with the rest of the internal ecosystem and the Doctores neighborhood.

The Laguna building dates to the 1920s, it is in the location where a thread and textile factory operated until 2015, and gives it its peculiar architecture, distribution and history.

Located in Colonia Doctores, central and historical point of Mexico City. This colony was founded around 1890 and has a great architectural, historical and cultural wealth. In it are such relevant and recognized spaces, such as: the Temple of Belén de los Mercedarios from the 18th century, the Indianilla station, the house of Porfirio Díaz, the Free School of Law, the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows (1934) , the Arena México (1956), the CDMX Attorney General's Office, Televisa Chapultepec, the Hidalgo market and the Museum of Old Mexican Toys, among others.

The building began to be renovated in 2018 to adapt and accommodate creation and production spaces on site; Currently there are more than 19 leading proposals in design, gastronomy, architecture, furniture, textiles and others. With the spirit of creating community and common experiences in an ecosystem of constant exchange of ideas, creative freedom and artistic inspiration; In addition to an inclusion program for the neighborhood with craft workshops and a cultural program.

Current Tenants:

1. Anfora - Store

2. Anfora Studio - Ceramic Studio

3. Productora - Architectural Estudio

4. Francisco Pardo - Architectural Estudio

5. Jardín - Architectural Estudio

6. Liga - Space for Arquitecture

7. Buna - Tasty Cafe

8. OHA - Botanic Infusions

9. Gastromotiva - Social Gastronomy

10. La Metropolitana - Design and Architecture

11. Déjate Querer - Felt Flo0r Mats

12. miniBAR - Mini Bar

13. Laguna - Laguna's administrative office

14. Loofok - Natural Wines

15. Braya - Communication Agency

16. Década - Vintage Furniture

17. Mármoles Arca - Material Showroom

18. Hermanos Koumori - Clothes and Accessories

19. Llano - Contemporary Art Gallery

20. The New Sanctuaries

21. Taller de fermentos

22. LAAA - Laboratory of Art, Architecture, and Archeology

Irina Calderón Irazoque, Gestora Cultural